We are travel geeks and California is our playground.
The Golden State is blessed with everything anyone may wish.
Whether you are into surfing, snowboarding, wine-tasting or simply sunbathing, California is truly a traveler’s paradise.
Although we since have ventured beyond Cali’s borders, we love to remind ourselves where it all started this day of October 2006, keeping our name “Cali’fun” as a testament to our efforts and our north star in following our company’s initial vision.

Experiences First

At Cali’fun we strongly believe one should pick a destination based on the activities it offers and not the other way around!
Experiences take you out of your comfort zone, make you rub shoulders with locals and help you redefine who you are. Being active means being fully immersed, which is arguably the fastest way to creating lifelong memories.

Meet the rockstars that make Magic happen

Director of Fun
Customer Happiness Manager
LA guru
Lead Engineer
Engineer Intern

Travel responsibly

With great Fun comes great Responsibility. We are a mission-driven company and we have always put humans at the center of everything we do.

“Good Karma”

At Califun, we like the idea of taking our fair share of responsibility by agreeing to 2 majors commitments: Low carbon footprint (committed to all electric fleet by 2022) and support local initiatives such as the “Ron Finley Project”.